The Best Strollers for Grandparents

J-TOURER Stroller

With Grandparents playing a much larger role in helping with childcare, a second buggy to keep at Grandma and Grandad’s house may be your wishlist. This stroller needs to be easy to use, lightweight and compact for Grandparents who may not want, or need the complications of a larger, heavier travel system.


Why Buy a Second Stroller for Grandparents?

In many families, Grandparents play a huge role in helping raise their Grandchildren. They may be your main childcare whilst you are at work and still need to go about their daily routine such as shopping for groceries, or they may just enjoy having their Grandchildren round for sleepovers, taking them out on day trips to the beach or just a walk in the park. However much involvement your parents have, life will be much simpler if they have their own buggy.

Of course, you will already have a stroller for your child, but there is no denying it’s much easier to purchase an additional stroller to leave with your parents. Even though all of our strollers are easy to fold and pop into a car boot, it’s still an extra chore you could do without. An additional stroller can be stored at your parents, leaving you to just drop off your child.

If your child is very young, you may need to pack larger items, such as a bottle warmer and a moses basket, so having to pack up your stroller too can be a chore!

Storing a stroller with Grandparents is just more convenient and saves you time.

It’s not just Grandparents either, instead, you may rely on an Aunt, sibling or friend for childcare. Whoever helps care for your baby will benefit from having their own stroller.


Which Strollers Are Best for Grandparents?

You may have already found your perfect stroller, such as the luxurious J-CARBON, but a second stroller for Grandparents or the person who will be caring for your child on a regular basis, you may want a more affordable model.

There is also size and weight to consider, Grandparents may want a lighter stroller. All of our strollers feature TRU-RIDE 2 Technology which gives them what we call an ‘effortless push experience’. Your parents will find it a breeze to push and manoeuvre which alleviates pushing fatigue and a sore back.

Our more compact models are great for storing away. If Grandparents aren’t going to be using their stroller every day, they will want something small and compact to store away easily. Our most compact models are ideal for storing in a cupboard or wardrobe and fit neatly into the boot of a car with lots of room left for a changing bag and shopping.

In a nutshell your parents will want a stroller which is quick and easy to fold and unfold, is lightweight, have amazing manoeuvrability, is compact and simple to use!

Grandma pushing the J-TOURER



Our recommended option for Grandparents is our travel stroller, the Award Winning J-TOURER. The lightest stroller in our range, the J-TOURER really shines when it comes to travel due to its compact folded size and storability.

Suitable from birth, the J-TOURER is the perfect stroller for Grandparents as it can be stored almost anywhere! We designed it to be small enough to fit in an overhead aeroplane locker, so the stroller can be comfortably stored in your average household and fit in even the smallest of car boots.

Our smallest stroller is also pretty snazzy looking and has many of the same great features as our other models; such as luxurious, soft to the touch fabrics, TRU-RIDE 2 Technology, all-around suspension and a 22kg weight limit.

The stroller weighs just 7.3kg making it very easy to handle and pick up, even for the older generation who may have limited mobility. It comes complete with a raincover and handy carry bag.

Take a quick glance at the J-TOURER >



Another great stroller for Grandparents is the stylish J-CUB. Designed as a compact city stroller, the J-CUB is extremely light weighing 8.4kg and is slim enough to even fit through turnstiles such as those on the London Underground. We designed this model to be able to cope with busy environments, such as supermarkets yet be versatile enough to use for small babies to older children.

Suitable from birth, the J-CUB can accommodate a child up to 22kg. The removable hood will give bigger children more room and the handlebar can be easily adjusted to people with differing heights. It comes complete with a raincover and a handy carry bag.

Fast to fold, the J-CUB will easily fit into your average household cupboard, under the stairs, underneath a bed and will fit in small car boots.

Take a quick glance at the J-CUB >


Watch the Demo Films

Head over to our Demo Film page to watch mum of 2 Zoe demonstrate just how easy the J-TOURER and J-CUB are to use.

Watch the Demo Films

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