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Any parent will tell you that trying to get everything organised to leave the house with a new baby, whether for an hour or a day can be quite stressful!  So many things to try and remember to pack for every possible situation.

In the past, changing bags were big, cumbersome things and you would struggle to find everything you needed without having to route right to the bottom for it.  Fast forward to 2020 and Changing bags have really evolved. Not only are they now extremely practical, with clever storage compartments and pockets, but most of them are so fashion-forward they look more like a designer handbag than a changing bag!  A bag that you can make a stylish statement with.


In the early days as a new parent you may feel like you’d be better off with a Mercedes Van than a changing bag to hold everything you think you might need to leave the house for the day – how can someone so small need so much?!  

It does get easier though and you soon find out what you can confidently leave behind. As baby grows, you will need less and less of the essentials.  We’ve put together a helpful checklist of what we think are the most useful items for your first Changing Bag.

  • Extra nappies. Somewhere between 4-6 should be enough depending on how long you will be out.
  • Nappy bags or a wet bag to keep soiled nappies or other items of clothing separate.  Check out our Essentials Pouch which has a wet bag included!
  • Baby wipes.  Baby wipes will become your very best friend and can help in even the most explosive situations when you are out and about. We love how natural and gentle Water Wipes are, made with only water and a drop of fruit extract. 
  • Mini pot of nappy rash cream.
  • Muslin squares.  These can be used in so many situations such as mopping up spills, a shoulder cover for when burping or simply to add extra warmth to the changing mattress before placing baby down.
  • Spare baby outfit and maybe a spare t-shirt for you (just in case)
  • Mini bottle of hand sanitiser.  
  • Breast pads (if still nursing) 
  • Sterilised baby bottle and formula and an insulated bottle holder.
  • Weaning pot, bib and spoon if you plan to feed baby whilst out.
  • Sunscreen in case the weather changes unexpectedly.
  • Teething gel. 
  • Baby’s favourite comforter for those little grouchy moments!


Keeping a curious and adventurous toddler fed, watered and entertained when out and about is where your Changing Bag packing skills will reap you the best rewards.  Stay one step ahead of what they may potentially want or need with this useful checklist.

  • Nappies/pull-ups or spare pants (if potty training)
  • Wet wipes for sticky hands and face – Water Wipes are perfect for tackling grubby, chubby cheeks!
  • Tissues for runny noses
  • Favourite book, toy and a comforter or blanket
  • Water cup
  • Healthy snacks
  • Their own cutlery and plate (if eating out) 
  • Sunhat and sunscreen
  • Spare change of clothes
  • Plasters, antiseptic wipes and/or cream (in case of an unexpected tumble)
  • Hand sanitiser


When we set about designing our changing bag collection, we thought first about the everyday essentials required for different types of outings with a baby.  Then we considered the importance of also having somewhere to keep parent’s essentials handy!  

We wanted our changing bags to be able to be carried or worn in different ways, not just attached to the stroller.  We knew we needed to include an easy to use changing mattress for convenience, a clever thermal pocket to keep bottles warm or cool and a secret compartment or two for a smart phone, keys and a wallet to eliminate having to carry an additional bag.


There are three bags in our 2020 collection, the AMY, the IVY and the JESSIE.  Each bag has been designed with functionality, use ability and style in mind.  Here are the features of each changing bag: 


A wide neck opening gives easy access to the large interior.  The AMY Changing Bag has a great amount of internal space and can be carried using the upper handles or worn as a backpack when out and about.  It is available in Black, Navy or Grey.


  • Two bottle pockets, one insulated.
  • A zip pocket for personal items.
  • Credit card pockets.
  • A smaller side-pocket.


  • A small side zip pocket, ideal for quick access to items like tissues or wet wipes.
  • A larger back pocket, perfect for your phone and wallet etc.


  • Elasticated pockets. Ideal for drinks and water bottles.

Front Pocket:

  • Large main compartment.
  • Three sectioned compartments for smaller items.
  • Zip pocket.

Overall Bag Size: W30 x H38 x D21cm.  Comes complete with a padded changing mattress.

You can watch the demo video of the AMY Changing bag by clicking on the link.



The IVY Changing Bag from JUNIORJONES is a large, functional, backpack style changing bag which is ideal for all your baby’s everyday essentials. It comes complete with a changing mattress for conveniently changing baby while out and about. A sizeable front pocket is ideal for easy-to-reach items or to separate keys, wallet and phone.


  • One insulated bottle pocket.
  • Several mesh pockets.
  • Zippered pocket for smaller items.


  • Large main compartment.
  • Several smaller internal pockets.
  • One large pocket ideal for your phone or tablet.

Overall Bag size W33 x H39 x D23.  Comes complete with a padded changing mattress.

You can watch the demo video of the IVY Changing Bag by clicking on the link.



Super stylish, the JESSIE Changing Bag is designed to give you handy access to everything you need. It can be carried either overarm or using the shoulder strap accessory, the JESSIE is available in a range of stunning colours including Graphite Black, Frost Grey, Bombay Rust, Caribbean Blue, Persian Red and Insignia Navy.


  • Two mesh pockets.
  • Two smaller side pockets.
  • Two bottle pockets, one of which is insulated.
  • One zip pocket ideal for personal items.


  • Zip pocket perfect for your phone.


  • Front pocket with zips on either side.
  • Secret pocket ideal for your wallet or phone.

Overall Bag size: W34 x H27 x D17cm. Comes with a shoulder strap and a handy changing mattress.

You can watch the demo video of the JESSIE Changing Bag by clicking on the link.


The Essentials Pouch fits neatly into all our JUNIORJONES Changing Bags and is perfect to quickly remove and take to the baby changing room instead of having to take the whole Changing Bag with you in a café or restaurant. The drawstring pouch comes with its own padded changing mattress, insulated bottle holder and a handy wet bag for storing used wipes, soiled bibs or nappies until you get home.  It is also perfect for popping into your own handbag on days when you only need the essentials for a quick feed and change on the go.


  • One bottle pocket.
  • Several internal pockets for smaller essentials.

The Essentials Pouch is available in 6 beautiful fabric colours including Graphite Black, Frost Grey, Insignia Navy, Caribbean Blue, Persian Red, and Bombay Rust.

You can view the range of Essential Pouches here.

Best wishes from all at JUNIORJONES


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