How To Be A Strong Mum

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Being a mum is hard. Parenthood comes with challenges that you’d never even contemplated before you had children. And often, to face these challenges, we have to be strong for our little ones. However, being a strong mum isn’t easy. In fact, being any kind of mother isn’t easy! But it’s worth it.

Being a strong mum often means parenting or disciplining your children in a way you’re not entirely fond of. However, when your child is going through a learning period that’s new to them and to you, they need a strong mum to guide them through it.

Here at JUNIRJONES, we are seasoned experts in the nursery industry. But more importantly, we’re parents. Parents to babies, parents to toddlers and parents to teens.

Our advice comes from experience. And we can only hope that it helps you in the whirlwind journey of parenthood. Here are our top tips for how to be a strong mum.

Stick To Your Word

Disciplining your children is one of the least enjoyable things about being a parent. But sometimes it has to be done. To be a strong mum, always stick to your word when disciplining your child.

For example, if you tell your child they can have a treat after they have put their toys away, follow through with it. If they don’t put their toys away, they don’t get a treat.

It’s challenging to stand firm. After all, no parent wants to see their child unhappy. However, following through with your warning teaches your child about consequences whilst letting them know that they can always trust your word.

Take Your Own Advice

You know what’s best for your own child. Not your parents, or your siblings, or your friends. YOU. So, to be a strong mum, always trust your instinct and take your own advice.

Of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to family or friends if you need advice or a second opinion. But don’t let others force their unwanted opinion on you or make you feel bad for the choices you make.

Apologise When You Make A Mistake

You want to be a strong mum, not a perfect one (because they don’t exist!). Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and it is essential that we teach our children to own up to their mistakes and apologise.

So, don’t be afraid to admit when you’ve messed up. Apologise to your children and explain that everyone, even the grown-ups, makes mistakes sometimes.

Be a strong mum by apologising when you make a mistake

Listen To Your Little Ones

Listen to your children. Ask them to express how they feel and teach them to have their own opinion. Strong mums raise strong children! And strong children should have their own voice.

Plus, if you demonstrate that you listen to your children, they will be more likely to approach you if they have a problem or need help.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

A strong mum is not afraid or embarrassed to cancel plans last minute due to changes in your child’s behaviour. Taking away privileges, such as a day out with friends, is an effective form of punishment and teaches your child a valuable lesson that they will carry with them throughout their life.

Your friends will understand, especially if they have children of their own.

Strong Mums Don’t Forget About Self-Care

As parents, we tend to put the needs of our family above the needs of our self. But to be a strong mum, it’s essential that you take time out of your busy schedule to focus on yourself.

Make time for your own health and wellbeing, and give yourself time to relax. Your whole family will reap the benefits and you will feel much better for it.

Communicate Openly (Especially About The Tough Stuff)

Teaching your children to communicate openly is good for the development of their mental health. In addition, raising a family that communicates with each other will make the ‘awkward’ topics a little easier to talk about.

A strong mum will be able to discuss the tough stuff (such as relationships, sex, money etc.) with her children.

Strong Mums Accept Help And Support

Having a support system makes us much stronger. Whether it is your family members, friends or the other mums at nursery; don’t be afraid to ask for help and support when you need it.

Despite how you feel, it doesn’t make you weak. In fact, asking for help is a sign of strength. And more often than not, people are grateful for the opportunity to help.

Accept help and support to be a strong mum

Take Time Out Of The Day To Connect With Your Kids

We are raising children in a world that’s dominated by technology. So, it’s essential to take the time out of your day to connect with your children without the distractions of TV or iPads etc.

Sometimes, just half an hour of one-on-one time is enough to strengthen the bond you have with your little one.

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