Keeping Your JUNIORJONES Stroller Clean

With its high-quality, stylish fabrics, sleek chassis and understated details, your JUNIORJONES stroller is a thing of beauty. And you would like to keep it that way. However, as any parent will know, where’s there’s a baby, there’s often a mess!

From spilt milk on the fabric to mud on the wheels, your baby’s stroller is going to get dirty one way or another, it’s inevitable. So, we’re going to outline the best way to clean your JJ stroller.


Cleaning Your JJ Stroller Chassis

Your JUNIORJONES stroller has been designed to exceed performance standards and last a lifetime. To ensure your stroller continues to look as beautiful as it is functional, you should clean the stroller regularly.

The chassis can be cleaned using a cloth and clean, freshwater. A gentle anti-bacterial spray can also be used if required. If the wheels are exceptionally dirty, they may require a tougher sponge and washing up liquid to remove the grime.

You may also choose to wipe the ergonomic handlebar and bumper bar with an antibacterial wipe to prevent the spread of germs, particularly in the winter months.

Your JJ stroller features Tru-Ride 2 technology, which offers an effortless push and easy manoeuvrability even on rough terrains. This means you can take your baby for a relaxing stroll on the beach or even off-road. The stroller’s chassis and wheels should always be wiped down if you have used it on the beach or off-road to avoid corrosion caused by salt.

Similarly, during the winter months, your stroller may need cleaning more often to remove traces of grit. Always ensure you dry the chassis and wheels thoroughly after cleaning.

Each of the JUNIORJONES strollers is freestanding when folding, meaning you don’t have to worry about it falling over and dirtying the chassis or fabric.


Cleaning JJ Your Stroller Fabrics

The fabrics on your JUNIORJONES stroller are made from materials of the highest quality to ensure they’re luxuriously soft yet durable. Marks made from sticky little fingers can be wiped away using a soft clean cloth and clean water. Muslin cloths are perfect (and always seem to be on hand when there’s a baby in the house).

Alternatively, a wet wipe suitable for babies can also be used on your stroller fabric. For marks that are harder to budge, a gentle detergent can be used.

Although it’s very tempting, stroller fabrics shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine, unless the care labels state that they’ve been tested and approved.


Other Tips For Keeping Your Stroller Clean

  • Use a handheld vacuum (or handheld nozzle of your household nozzle) to remove any crumbs that may have fallen onto the seat of your baby’s stroller.
  • To protect the beautiful fabrics during wet weather, always use the rain cover provided and wipe it dry before storing it away.
  • A soft toothbrush with water and gentle detergent is great for removing hard-to-budge stains from the adjustable straps.
  • For grease-based stains, such as sun cream, add a drop of washing up liquid to clean water before spot cleaning the stain with a cloth.
  • After cleaning your stroller, let it air dry until it is completely dry before folding it away.
  • If you have a J-Board, this can be cleaned in a similar fashion to the wheels; with a cloth or sponge and anti-bacterial spray or soapy water.
  • Avoid using abrasive, strong cleaners or detergents when cleaning your JUNIORJONES stroller. Instead, child-friendly detergents and anti-bacterial sprays are best.
  • After cleaning your JUNIORJONES stroller, check that the chassis locking devices are in full working order and that all fastenings are locked tight and secure before putting your baby in the stroller.

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