TRU-RIDE 2 Technology


TRU-RIDE 2 Technology For Performance and Durability.

Successfully delivering a luxury stroller that combines innovative design, high performance engineering and uncompromising safety standards is a challenge.  The engineers here at JUNIORJONES realised that just like a luxury car, the quality of the tyres and suspension on our strollers would have a huge impact on the overall performance and durability. We’ve named it our TRU-RIDE 2 Technology.

After much research and experimentation with different materials we finally settled on a softer PU Polymer for the tyres.  Don’t let the softness deceive you though. These tyres are highly durable – lasting up to ten times longer than the ordinary EVA used on most other strollers. They are also puncture resistant.  Our tyres are engineered to maximise overall performance.

What is TRU-RIDE 2 Technology?

TRU-RIDE 2 technology is the next step in the evolution of the TRU-RIDE technology. Our stroller tyres and suspension have been designed for maximum comfort, durability and ease of handling. Your baby will enjoy the smoothness of the ride and so will you. TRU-RIDE 2 gives you better manoeuvrability, sharper handling and reduces pushing fatigue.

Our experts also used superior bearings and finely tuned the suspension to work in complete harmony with the tyre.  TRU-RIDE 2 technology means that when you’re on the move, whether its ambling through the shops or rambling through the woods, your baby will remain restful and undisturbed from bumps, kerbs and rough terrain.

Effortless Push Experience.

Style is nothing without performance, that’s why every stroller in the JUNIORJONES range has been designed to make pushing your little ones around as pleasurable as possible.

This unique combination of ride, manoeuvrability and handling even has a name.

We call it our ‘Effortless Push Experience’

The JUNIORJONES tyres are fitted as standard on all strollers and are instantly recognisable by their distinctive ‘JJ’ tread design.

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