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J-CUB Best City Stroller

If you’re a parent that lives, works or spends a lot of time in the city, you’re going to need a stroller that’s built for city life. Whether you’re in London, or another bustling city, you need the best city stroller. A stroller that’s smart, compact and more than ideal for public transport.

However, just because you’re looking for a stroller that’s lightweight and compact doesn’t mean you need to give up on style and quality. Here at JUNIORJONES, we have a range of luxurious and innovative strollers.

The J-CUB features the signature JUNIORJONES elements including the Tru-Ride 2 technology and the outstanding attention to detail, which is reflected in each stitch and seam. But there is one difference… the stylish J-CUB was designed to give urban families like yourself, the perfect city stroller.

Features Of The J-CUB: The Best City Stroller

The J-CUB stroller is the best stroller for navigating the buzzing city streets. We’ve outlined the features that make this stroller the best city stroller for your family.

Lightweight And Compact

The J-Cub was designed and built to be nimble and light. It weighs just 8.3kg and is one of the most lightweight strollers in our range. Plus, it still looks incredibly stylish in a timeless and understated way.

Like all our strollers, the J-CUB has an impressive weight limit of 22kg. It is suitable for new-borns, toddlers and young children who need to rest their legs after walking through the city.

Better yet, the J-CUB has a compact fold and is freestanding when folded. So, you don’t have to worry about it falling over and damaging the luxurious fabrics.

Forward-Facing Seat

For a curious baby or toddler, the city is an exciting place to be! The forward-facing seat on the J-CUB allows your little one to enjoy their surroundings and experience city life.

Slimline Chassis That Fits Through London Underground Turnstiles

Using public transport with a stroller is a nightmare for many parents. However, if you choose the J-CUB, you can breeze through the city on any means of public transport with your baby in tow.

The slimline chassis is narrower than most strollers and fits easily through public transport doors and even the London Underground turnstiles.

J-CUB slim chassic fits through London Underground turnstiles

Large Rounded Hood And Reclining Seat

When the hustle and bustle of the city gets a little bit too much for your baby, simply recline the seat to one of the multiple positions and let the large rounded hood shield your little one from the noise and lights of the city.

The large rounded hood was designed to help your baby feel secure and the reclining seat lays flat so your baby can nap peacefully in their stroller.

Tru-Ride 2 Technology

Like all the JUNIORJONES strollers, the J-CUB features outstanding TRU-RIDE 2 technology. The innovative technology and all-round suspension provide an effortless push experience and a smooth ride for the baby, no matter what the terrain.

Lockable or swivel front wheels and a comfortable handlebar make the J-CUB a breeze to get around the city with, regardless of the tactile pavements and uneven terrains often found in urban areas.

Planning A City Break?

If you’re planning a holiday or heading to off on an exciting city break with your family, you may be looking for the perfect stroller for your travels.

The J-Tourer is an ultra-lightweight stroller designed for travelling. Travelling with your baby doesn’t mean giving up on style and luxury. The J-Tourer is the perfect stroller for parents who want to show their little one the world – and do it in style.

This light and compact stroller breezes through train stations and airports. And when folded, it can fit neatly into the overhead compartment on most airlines! The J-Tourer has been designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and safety for your baby and engineered to offer complete ease of use for you.

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