Travelling By Flight With Babies; The LowdownTravelling By Flight With Babies; The Lowdown

Tips For Travelling With Your Baby

Travelling with a baby

Whether it’s a holiday to a far-flung destination, a weekend visiting family or just a day out, travelling with a baby presents a number of unique and often unexpected challenges. Discover our top tips for travelling comfortably with a baby.

Have Essentials In Your Changing Bag/Hand Luggage

When travelling, your changing bag should always include the essentials. Your bag should include enough nappies and wipes for the journey and for the first few days of your trip. If you’re going away for the weekend, you can pack enough nappies and wipes to see you through to the end of the trip. If you’re going for longer than a weekend, just pack enough for the first couple of days. You can buy the rest once you’re settled in.

Your changing bag should also include spare clothes for yourself and the baby – accidents happen. Top Tip: when travelling, dress your baby in comfortable clothing and breathable fabrics. Sleepsuits are perfect as they will not ride up and irritate your baby, and they’re easy to get on and off in a hurry.

Other changing bag essentials include a changing mat, nappy rash cream, a sealable bag (for dirty clothes), a warm blanket and hand sanitiser. These baby essentials are the same whether you’re travelling in the car, on a train or coach or even on an aeroplane.

Finally, remember to pack snacks and fluids for your baby. How much you pack will vary depending on how long the journey is going to be. Even car journeys can take longer than expected due to traffic, so always be prepared.

If you’re flying, you are allowed to take enough baby milk/formula for the journey. And most airlines will be able to heat your baby milk for you. But it’s always best to check with the airline beforehand.

Consider The Weather

When packing for your upcoming trip, always check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. This may include packing sunscreen for your baby’s delicate skin as well as sun hats and child-friendly insect repellent. A sun canopy for your stroller will also come handy.

If you’re heading somewhere with a cooler climate, pack cosy jumpers and extra blankets for your baby. If you use a sleep sack at home, be sure to pack one when you’re going on your travels. Your little one will sleep better if the environment is similar to what they are used to at home.

Choosing The Perfect Lightweight Stroller

Having a lightweight, compact stroller makes travelling with your baby so much easier. Our range of JUNIORJONES strollers is beautifully designed and travel-friendly. Each stroller within our range is fitted with Tru-Ride 2 technology, which offers an effortless push and smooth ride for your baby – whatever the terrain.

Our premium model, the J-Carbon is the epitome of style and quality. This gorgeous stroller showcases a range of innovative JUNIORJONES features that facilitate ease of travel.

The JUNIORJONES strollers feature a simple one-hand fold operation (except for the J-Cub). In addition, the strollers are free-standing when folded and incredibly compact, meaning they fit into even the smallest of car boots.

Our innovative J-Tourer, which has been designed with avid travellers in mind, can be stored in the overhead compartment on most airlines. This exceptionally smart and light-weight stroller is suitable from birth – making it your perfect travel stroller when travelling with your baby.

Take Advantage Of The Facilities

Travelling with your baby is far easier if you make use of the many facilities available to parents. For example, most airlines provide priority boarding for parents with young children. This gives you the opportunity to put your bags away and get settled before the plane becomes crowded.

Also, if the flight is more than a couple of hours, you can request a bassinet for your baby. These are usually offered on a first-come-first-serve basis so call ahead to request one. If the airline doesn’t take requests, ensure you’re at the gate early to give you the best chance of securing a bassinet. Your baby will thank you later!

When flying with a baby, always aim for an aisle seat. This way you aren’t disturbing other passengers when you need to get to the toilet and/or baby changing unit.

If your travelling with your baby on a train, always avoid the quiet carriages. Other passengers may not appreciate a crying baby! Instead, try to book seats close to the toilet. These usually have extra room for a stroller and you’re closer to the baby-changing unit.

When it comes to your accommodation, ring ahead to request a cot. This saves you having to take a travel cot with you. Also, if you’re staying in a hotel, ensure there are facilities for you to heat the baby’s milk.

Research Travel Vaccinations

When travelling within the UK and Europe, your baby will not need any additional vaccinations. However, it’s recommended that you avoid taking your baby to parts of the world where they may be exposed to diseases.

Babies are too young to be vaccinated against many diseases. For example, if your baby is younger than 6 months old, they cannot yet be vaccinated again Yellow Fever. Similarly, babies younger than 2 months old cannot be prescribed anti-malaria medication. Always do your research into necessary vaccinations before travelling with a baby or toddler.

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