Top Tips For Working From Home

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In this modern day, many of us are used to working from home for the odd day. Some of us even do it quite regularly.  But, for a longer period, and with children at home needing constant attention and older ones needing help with schoolwork it can be much more difficult to separate ‘home’ and ‘work’ life. Here are our top tips for working from home…


  • Set your alarm as usual.  During lockdown you may be staying up later than usual, perhaps having an extra glass of wine and the temptation to have a lie in will be there in the morning.  It’s important that you try to stay as close to your normal sleep routine as you can until you log off the computer on Friday and log back in on Monday morning.
  • Get dressed for work!  Don’t be tempted to go and sit at your desk in your pyjamas.  You won’t need your pinstripe suit, but you will feel 100% more focused if you have had the same morning ritual as you would have when you were commuting to the office.  
  • Try to get some fresh air first thing in the morning.  Obviously, following the Government guidelines, but even stretching or bit of yoga in the garden will give you the feel-good factor.  And, if the sun is shining, you’ll get your daily dose of Vitamin D!
  • Find an area in the house that you can set up as an office space and try to make it as comfortable as you can.  Place some nice things to have on hand, a hand cream, scented candle or a vase of flowers.


  • Take regular breaks and stay well hydrated.  If you don’t wear a FitBit or similar, you can set a timer on your phone to remind you to get up and get moving every hour or so.  Keep your windows or door open and enjoy the fresh air safely.
  • Schedule a lunch break.  You have one every day in the office and this should be no different.  Shut your PC down and take advantage of having time to have a nice lunch in the garden with your family.  Once we get back to ‘normal’ we won’t get to do this every day.
  • Clock off at the usual time if you have completed your tasks for the day and shut the ‘office’ door.  Your personal time and self-care are more important now than ever.
  • Finally – Don’t beat yourself up if you are distracted by the children! We are all in a difficult situation and they are having to adjust to working from home with you the same way you are with them.  If you need to take time out from your screen, take it!


We asked Laura, the JUNIORJONES Graphic Designer how she is adapting to working from home with two small children, here’s what she had to say;

“Having a 5-year old and a 2-year old, working from home has got a lot trickier since lockdown!  Through trial and (lots of) error, here’s a few things that have helped me juggle the work and childcare balance”.


Where possible share the load with your partner and split the days into shifts. Don’t feel too guilty if you both need to be on a call at the same time and have to resort to snacks and TV or a movie, we’re all doing it!


Schedule work around your children’s nap times and after bedtimes. You may find it easier to spend some quality time with the children during the day and do some extra work once they are in bed and asleep. We are all loving Joe Wicks at the moment! His PE sessions in a morning are great! Get your children sorted to do a little workout and jump on your laptop while they are occupied doing some exercise. Here is a link to the Joe Wicks YouTube Chanel >

If your little ones want to get creative you can download and print our J-CARBON image here so they can design their very own J-CARBON! There are prizes to be won! Download here >


Once you have figured out a schedule that works for you, be open with everyone to check this way of working will suit them also.

We know that we have at least another few weeks of the lockdown and have to try to make the most of the situation.  The team at JUNIORJONES have set up a group chat to exchange ideas and have a bit of office banter which is helping keep a smile on our faces!  Stay safe everyone, we will come out of this stronger and wiser. 

Best wishes from all at JUNIORJONES


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