What To Pack In A Hospital Bag?

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The months leading up to the arrival of your baby is such an exciting time. You are most likely preparing your home for your baby’s arrival and stocking up on baby essentials – including everything from the nappies to the stroller.

As your due date approaches, you should have your hospital bag packed and ready to go. However, many first-time parents aren’t exactly sure what they should pack in their hospital bag. So, we’re going to share our expert advice and tips on what to pack in a hospital bag.

Choosing The Perfect Hospital Bag

You don’t need to buy a new bag specifically for the hospital. But many expectant-parents like to buy a hospital bag and then use it as a changing bag for their baby.

When choosing a hospital bag there are a few things to consider. Is it large enough to fit essentials for yourself and your baby? Does it have separate compartments and/or pockets so you knew where to find everything in a hurry? Are you going to use it as a changing bag following the birth? Do you want a bag that matches your stroller?

The gorgeous Jessie Changing Bag perfectly matches the J-CARBON and J-SPIRIT strollers and would make an ideal hospital bag. It’s large and spacious with a separate compartment on the front, an insulated bottle pocket and various zippered pockets.


Hospital Bag Essentials For Mum

  • Your birth plan and any maternity notes you may have. Ensure the midwives have a copy of your birth plan and your birthing partner is aware of it.
  • 2 or 3 comfortable loose-fitting outfits. Nighties or oversized night-shirts are great options. You’ll need one for when you’re in labour (preferably one you can move around in) and one for after you’ve given birth and had a shower.

what to pack in a hospital bag for mum

  • At least 3-4 pairs of large, comfortable underwear and comfortable bras including a nursing bra if you plan on breastfeeding your little one. Disposable underwear is also available.
  • Slippers and a dressing gown. Many mums and newborn babies stay in hospital overnight for various reasons. Your slippers and dressing gown will come in handy if you fancy a walk or a breath of fresh air.
  • A flannel, fan or water spray. They’re great for cooling you down.
  • Towel. Some people prefer to use their own towel rather than a hospital towel.
  • Pillow or pregnancy pillow if you have one. It won’t fit in your hospital bag of course, but you don’t want to forget it.
  • A comfortable loose-fitting outfit for the journey home from the hospital. If you’re breastfeeding, a front-opening top will be best.
  • Toiletry bag with soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties etc.
  • Any medication you currently take.
  • Large sanitary/maternity pads.
  • Breast pads are also a good idea if you are planning on breastfeeding your baby.
  • Your phone and phone charger. Your loved ones are going to be waiting patiently for news of the new arrival!
  • Magazines, books, music, podcasts, iPad or Kindle etc. You may be there for a while!
  • Healthy snacks and drinks. Labour is thirsty work – you need to stay hydrated.
  • Cash – especially change. You may need it for the hospital car park or for the vending machine.

Hospital Bag Essentials For Baby

  • Nappies, cotton pads/balls and nappy bags.
  • 2 or 3 vests, bodysuits and sleepsuits. As mentioned previously, you may be expected to stay in overnight following the birth. When packing baby outfits, it may be best to pack two different sizes, as your baby may be bigger or smaller than you expected.
  • A hat, mittens and socks.
  • Muslin squares and bibs.
  • Blanket
  • Pram suit if it’s cold outside.

what to pack in a hospital bag for newborn baby

Additional Tips When Preparing For The Hospital

Your birthing partner may want to pack a hospital bag of their own. This might include a spare change of clothes, toiletries, snacks and a book or iPad etc.

You may want to pack two hospital bags, one for during the birth and one for afterwards. Or some mums pack one for themselves and one for their newborn. Alternatively, some parents prefer a small suitcase – it may sound excessive, but the essentials add up!

Once your hospital is packed, leave it by the door and make sure your birthing partner knows where it is and if anything needs adding to it as you leave the house (such as your phone).

You will also need a car seat that’s correctly fitted.

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