Which Are The Best Strollers For Small Cars?

image shows a small car to illustate a blog post about the most suitable stroller for small cars

When choosing a stroller it is worth looking at the dimensions of your car boot and the stroller size. With many small car owners on the road, a compact stroller is a must for travelling and ease of use. In this week’s blog, we look at smart, compact strollers that are ideal for small cars.

Small Car Popularity

Not too long ago, small cars – especially hatchbacks were among the most popular of cars. That’s before the takeover of 4×4’s and SUV’s, and even American style trucks. It seems like everyone wanted a huge car at one point. That trend now appears to be reversing due to environmental concerns and a need for more economical vehicles.

Small cars have always been popular with those who live in towns and cities – a smaller car is much more convenient for those who live an urban lifestyle.

The top ten most popular small cars are not only for those who live in cities – many suburban families prefer a smaller, economical car, the MINI, for example, has made a huge comeback in recent years and is a staple for many young professionals.

People prefer smaller cars for the economic benefits and ease of use, but of course, smaller cars have their drawbacks and the lack of boot space can be an issue for some. Especially families who may feel it is impossible to fit everything their baby needs into a hatchback car.

Surely though, there are strollers compact enough for even the smallest of cars?

Strollers For Small Cars

Taking a look at the average boot size across this range of popular small cars, we can confidently say that all of the JUNIORJONES range of strollers are suitable for a small car.

Despite our strollers being engineered to be extremely durable and strong, an important part of the design process was for our team to make each of the models in our luxury stroller range as compact as possible.

Bulky strollers are a thing of the past when it comes to JUNIORJONES – most of our strollers operate a one-handed fold motion and can easily be stored in the boot of a car. Even our premier carbon fibre stroller, the J-CARBON is relatively compact.

If you know the dimensions of your car boot, the handy chart below shows the dimensions of each of our strollers when they’re in the folded position.

image is a size chart that shows the folded dimensions of each of the JUNIORJONES stroller range

Of course, some of the range is significantly more compact – the J-TOURER is our most compact model and would fit easily in the smallest of cars. Designed as a travel stroller, the J-TOURER is incredibly small when folded.

To further reduce the size of the J-SPIRIT the rear wheels can be removed very easily with the quick-release mechanism. This a handy feature to have but the rear wheels shouldn’t need to be removed to fit in most models of car.

Buy Stollers For Small Cars

If you are looking for a compact stroller to fit into your lifestyle and the boot of your car, then you can’t go wrong with one of our luxury strollers.

Visit our store to shop the range.

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