Why Choose Carbon Fibre

Why Choose Carbon Fibre?

Carbon fibre may seem like an unusual choice of material for a stroller, but our experience and parent feedback taught us otherwise. Carbon fibre is famed for its strength and beauty which makes it an excellent material for a stroller. We’re sold on the benefits – read on for our top reasons you should choose carbon fibre.

What is Carbon Fibre?

Carbon fibres are tiny strands of fibre composed mostly of carbon atoms; thousands of these fibres are bundled together to form what is known as a tow. This then can be used by itself or woven into a fabric. To give carbon fibre a permanent hard shape, it can be combined with other materials to form a composite. There are several ways to do this but one of the common methods is to impregnate the carbon fibre with plastic resin. This carbon re-enforced resin can then be moulded and used in manufacturing.

The benefits of carbon fibre depend very much on its use – for some industries it is now a vital material, and, in some cases, it is used solely for its looks and prestige. There are two features though that remain the same no matter where carbon is used and that is its strength, durability and lightness.
Carbon fibre is stronger than steel yet is lighter than aluminium making it an excellent material for industries like car manufacture, aerospace and the boat building sector.

Why Use Carbon Fibre in a Stroller?

Strollers have been constructed from a variety of materials over the years; the first ones being made from wood and wicker. As technology advanced and parents demanded better products, the stroller industry listened and made more and more improvements until we reached where we are today – most strollers are made using steel, aluminium or plastic or a combination of those materials.

Our carbon fibre stroller, the J-CARBON is simply a natural evolution in the manufacture of strollers. We are also proud to be the first brand introducing an all-carbon stroller.
Strollers work just fine as they are, but why not strive for better? For stronger, more durable and lighter strollers?
The extremely rigid parts of the stroller are much less prone to wear and tear, resistant to cor-rosion and of course…it looks beautiful!

Why Would You Want a JUNIORJONES Carbon Fibre Stroller?

When it comes to choosing a stroller for your baby, you want the very best. If you are the type of person who believes that quality only comes with a little bit of an investment, then a carbon fibre stroller is the best you can buy for your child.
The practical reasons for choosing the J-CARBON are immediately recognisable – you will be pushing your baby round in a stroller that you absolutely know will not fail you. A stroller which can be used for your second and third child, a stroller built to last.

Of course, you might also choose to invest in the J-CARBON because of its beautiful styling – the carbon chassis is instantly recognisable and exudes quality and an air of high performance.
Combined with TRU RIDE 2 technology and superior fabrics to further accentuate the carbon fibre, we have designed a stroller to be seen with.

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