Great design. No compromise.

We set out to create innovative, understated strollers that are as beautiful as they are functional.

We are innovators in the stroller world with over 100 years combined experience. We create products that exceed performance standards and resolve many common issues found in other strollers. Most importantly, we are parents. Our experience using other products has helped shape our perspective and refine products.

We aim to provide the best products, without compromise on style or value.

Our standards are high.

Your family’s safety is our priority.

We rigourously test all our products in-house during the development process, to ensure that our innovative engineering maintains the highest levels of build quality and safety.

All our strollers are tested to and comply with the latest UK and European standards. In addition, we undertake independent testing to demonstrate the safety of our strollers.

Every JuniorJones stroller complies with BS EN 1888-2:20018.

Effortless Ride with Tru-Ride2

Just like a car, the tyres and suspension of your stroller have a huge impact on overall performance and durability. That’s why our strollers come with Tru-Ride2 technology as standard.

Superior bearings and bespoke tuned suspension work in harmony to give you an effortless push experience.

Our tyres are made from a softer PU polymer and engineered for superior comfort. But don’t let the softness decieve you, they are puncture resistant and highly durable - lasting up to ten times longer than the ordinary EVA used on most other strollers.

This combination ensures sharper handling, better manoeuvrability and reduced pushing fatigue.