Junior Jones provide the warranty that all products purchased from us are free from manufacturing faults and material defects in both the workmanship and the materials.

For stroller products, your warranty is valid for two years from the date of purchase.

For our carrycots, soft goods and other accessories, your warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

The manufacturer warranty covers fault and defects, where the product is used and stored correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s Instructions. The warranty is not transferable, claims can be made by the original purchaser only, on presentation of a valid proof of purchase. The warranty standard reflects the length of the warranty only and not the quality of repair, replacement part, refurbishment, or replacement product.

In our aim to reduce our impact on the environment we offer environmentally sustainable options for our customers and so where your product is covered by our warranty against manufacturing defect and found by us to have a manufacturing defect, we will at our discretion provide one of the following free of charge:

(i) a replacement self-fit part. Instructions will be provided where required.

(ii) a repair carried out by one of our experienced technicians at our Service Centre.

Alternatively, if your product is deemed irreparable or based on cost is not viable to repair, then in the sole discretion of Junior Jones, a replacement or refurbished product may be provided.

We endeavour to hold parts, fabric and co-ordinating components for the duration of the warranty period. If a co-ordinating part is not available an alternative will be offered.

The warranty covers Junior Jones products that have been handled properly and have been sent to us in a clean condition.


  • The warranty is not transferable from the original purchaser to subsequent purchasers. The warranty period will end at the time of transfer.
  • This warranty excludes:
    1. normal wear and tear and colour fading after original purchase.
    2. Incorrect assembly and/or conversion from one mode to another. (Eg. Incorrect harness strap adjustment)
  • Damages that arise due to misuse, negligence, incorrect use of the product and/or use in a commercial environment.

As an owner of a Junior Jones product, it is your responsibility to ensure your product is kept in good condition and is regularly maintained. You must also adhere to all instructions for care and use, as these will keep your product in the best condition and will prevent injury or damage to your product or child.

Your statutory rights are not affected.